On NYD 2014, Fralinger String Band presents

The Circus Comes to Clown

Put on your proverbial red-nose as our Circus Comes to Clown. Step right up, grab your squeaky horn, and watch closely as we entertain you with a Big Top musical arrangement and a slide-splitting performance packed with vaudevillian antics and more laughs than you can fit clowns in a clown car. Hurry, hurry...don’t miss the show!

Watch us New Year's Day on PHL17. If you live outside of the Philadelphia Metro Area, watch on PHL17's Live Feed here. Fralinger is second in the String Band Division line of march this year. Look for the first String Band on TV starting at 1:30PM ET and Fralinger at approximately 1:40PM ET.

This Year's News

Scott Wray Captain

Fralinger String Band's 2014 Parade Officers

This year Fralinger String Band will be led by Captain Scott Wray, Presentation Director Jeff Crompton, Music Director Kenny Niewinski, and Arranger John Wernega.

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History of the Fralinger String Band

Before the Parade Passes By is a history of the Fralinger String Band, from 1914 to 2009, in the Philadelphia Mummers Parade. It is also a story of people who have lived the life of this extraordinary folk culture.

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